Xamarin.Forms non-resize Stack View (iOS)

Recently I’ve created custom grid control to prevent the keyboard from overlapping with other controls. This works quite well as long as you don’t have any stack views inside this custom grid. Because if you do have one inside the control the iOS renderer will add the same margin to any elements inside the stack view as it will add to the keyboard view (custom grid control).… Continue Reading

Xamarin.Forms automatically move controls when Keyboard is shown

Probably you are familiar with the scenario when you want to enter some data into an app and when the keyboard is shown it will overlap with other controls and either can hardly reach the elements lying under the keyboard or you just can’t go on using the app because of the keyboard blocks important navigation controls etc.… Continue Reading

Change the App Icon in Xamarin.Forms

Customizing your App

If I start a new App one of the first changes I made, is to set my own icon for both platforms to check how it’s gonna look like. Having setup a proper, and especially your own, icon feels so much better than using the default one 😃

Set the Icon

There are quite some differences in how to set the app icon for iOS and Android.… Continue Reading