Borderless Entries in Xamarin.Forms

To use entries with no borders in Xamarin.Forms you need to create a custom element. Luckily this is done pretty quickly with two damn simple custom renderers and I’ll show you how to do it!

Create a new entry control

Because we do not want that every entry in our application will be borderless we need to create a new entry control.… Continue Reading

Dependency Service to NuGet package in Xamarin.Forms

Photo by Brunno Tozzo on Unsplash

Recently I wrote a post about how to create a project template so you can create your NuGets for Xamarin.Forms.
Now in this post, we are going to use this template to create our first package.
We are going to convert a dependency service from an earlier post step by step to a NuGet so we can reuse the service in any other project.… Continue Reading

String to Property

How to convert a string to a property

If you’re like to work with dynamic code and sometimes you only knew to runtime which property to execute on a specific object you have to convert the name to a property. If you have to do it more than once, it would be a good idea to create a function that handles this for you 💡.… Continue Reading

Multiple Frameworks Library

I recently forked a C# library project from GitHub and noticed that it targets more than one framework. Interesed in how to create such a project I googled a bit an found the way how to target more than one framework.

Creating the library

To create such a project just create a default library project within vs.… Continue Reading